The Shop
Simple Scarves is living and breathing colour into handmade items for the fibre and yarn enthusiast, as well as for non-crafters who are interested in experiencing some handmade goodness. Each item is carefully put together, inspired by simple yet unique designs and colours of the land and the imagination.

The primary online store is on Etsy here.

We are on Facebook as well! So come be a fan and check out our galleries and news feed there too!

The Owner
I am originally from a hot tropical country in South East Asia called Malaysia, and am married to a wonderful man; consequently, I have been part of a journey that has taken me to many places away from my home. I exchanged a career in teaching & publishing for life as a SAHM. To kill time, I blog, knit and bake as well as cook. Now I spin, weave, sew and dye as well.

I have a little shop where I sell mostly OOAK handdyed items for crafters and handmade goodies for non-crafters.

Oh, you can also find me on Ravelry – my username there is thescarfer – and if you aren’t on Ravelry yet, you ought to be.


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