Pure silk 4 ply lace in Peach Melba

Due to some changes in our family situation (no, I’m still pregnant but the hubby will be on leave for quite some time), I thought I’d start dyeing again since I already have some leftover undyed fibre from my last order. The ladies over at Ravelry didn’t help…well, actually it’s my fault for stalking their “showcase your handdyed goodies” thread.

So I bit the bullet and put in some orders for sock yarns. This time, I’m adding in some merino/cashmere/nylon and merino/seacell blends (these are limited to just a few skeins) together with superwash wool/nylon yarns. I also have some lace yarns together with fibres in the form of corriedale and superwash merino.

The inventory will go through some spring cleaning after the next update since I don’t want to spread myself out too much. I plan to have some “regular” additions with an occasional addition of something new with the regular items being superwash merino/nylon and superwash merino/bamboo sock yarns and fibres in the form of superwash merino, merino/bamboo, merino/tencel, and superwash merino/nylon.

In the meantime, do keep an eye out for fresh stock over at the shop after 15 March – with any luck, we’ll have some yummies to show! ^^


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