Well, my official reason is because it’s the holidays and New Year.

My unofficial reason is because I’m pregnant…specifically 7 weeks on and counting. It’s still early days but I don’t want to take any chances since dyeing does have an impact to a degree on me and I get awfully tired these days just preparing stuff for mailing and all. To top things off, I have a part-time teaching job which takes up two days in a week. Besides, fatigue and afternoon 2-hour cat naps are my current pregnancy symptoms and it’s bothersome having that AND juggling the store & part-time work.

So really, the dyeing will most probably come to a complete standstill…or in very minute amounts like one or two braids (although I can’t say for sure). The shop will still be open since I hope to offer some handspun yarn and handmade items on sale.

But yeah, it’s nothing bad really. :)


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  1. [...] Filed Under General » The shop has slowed down to only feature remaining handdyed stock and on-off additions of handspun yarn. Handdyed yarns & fibers will be available only towards the middle or end of the year when I get back to dyeing. For more, check out this post! [...]

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