FO: Melange

It has been a while since I last worked on any designs and after a long hiatus, I decided to pick it up again. I was inspired by Estonian lacework with the nupps and mixed it up with Shetland stitches just to make it interesting. The result is a highly flexible shawl which you can easily adjust in terms of sizing by repeating some of the charts a few times. I worked nupps into the shawl but if it isn’t your thing, you can replace them with beads to give it a sparkly pop!

The pattern has been tested – my thanks to the gorgeous ladies who did such a fab work on this – and is available for sale here (there is a link to other projects and subsequently pictures too)!

Yarn | Laceweight (I used 100purewool laceweight variegated but semi-solid is best; suitable for fingering weight yarn as well)
Shape | Triangle
Needle specs | 3.75 and 6 mm circulars
Structure & shape | Top-down and triangular
Price | €3.75

KNIT: Melange Shawl KNIT: Melange Shawl - Edging


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