Gods & Goddesses: Hera

Gods & Goddesses: Hera
Inspired by Hera, the protector of marriage and guardian of women whose sacred animals are the cow and the peacock…

Material | Merino wool (20-25 micron)
Weight | 100 gms

The merino wool is soft and light, and has been handpainted with shades of slate-grey, blue, teal and soft dark green to mimic the colours of a peacock.

Allergy warning
My fibres come from a pet free home, non-smoking home and are stored with lavender to discourage pests.

Dye alert
Each fibre is unique due to the fact that it is handpainted and goes through the steaming process. There will be slightly variations in the intensity of the colour, if you’re purchasing more than one lot of the same colourway.


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