Little Sandal Booties

The past few weeks have been busy for me with the Chinese New Year preparations as well as rushing to complete several orders. I’ve also been scouting around for new crochet bootie designs and am planning to feature some felt booties as well – something which I need time and material to work on! The felt shoes would be great for destashing as I have some yummy wools to get rid of. :)

The start of the Chinese New Year has been good. Cousins of mine who run – a Malaysian online store that specializes in breastfeeding items (clothes, pumps, accessories) as well as baby items – had been trying to get a hold of me to talk shop, but I’m always hardly ever around. One of them finally caught hold of me and we got to iron out a few details. Lets just say that I’ll be VERY busy churning out booties over the next few weeks, which means that I may not have time to take in any new orders save the ones I already have received before Chinese New Year.

So yes, on that front, I’ll be ultra busy. I also brought in new colours for the Double Strap Booties – must make a note to take some pics of the new colours – in conjunction with bring in a new design – the very yummy and super cute Little Sandals! At the moment, these come in blue, green and pink combos but I’m planning to add in more colour combos and give them yummylicious names as well! So don’t forget to watch this space, ya?

In the meantime, here’s wishing all a roaring Chinese New Year (it’s the Year of the Tiger)!!!


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