Handcrochet Double Strap Booties!

If you hadn’t noticed, the shop website has a new splash page, the headers have changed to incorporate a new addition to the shop’s inventory – some very deliciously cute and soft baby booties – and naturally, the info page updated to include some much-needed information on these booties and how to go about getting yourself a pair!

For a look (and to tempt yourself, if you dare), do check them out here.


3 Responses to New addition – bootie galore!!!

  1. elainegan says:

    Gorgeous booties! Will remember to order from you the moment i’m preggy :)

    Mabel Reply:

    Sure!!!! (They do great as gifts too! XD )

  2. [...] yes, on that front, I’ll be ultra busy. I also brought in new colours for the Double Strap Booties – must make a note to take some pics of the new colours – in conjunction with bring in [...]

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