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Corriedale in Praline Candy

The final update for the year is complete. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I still have some leftover dye so I might just dye up some roving or yarn before the year is out but still…it’ll be a considerable slowdown compared to the previous weeks.

It’s not all that bad really, if you know the real reason behind the slowdown. The current reason that I’ve been spreading around gently is that it’s the holiday season plus I need more prep time for my part-time teaching and so forth. But really, it’s more than just that but I am not allow to say more than necessary. Aiiii….

Anyway, if you do drop by and see that the shop is all quiet on the front, don’t worry – things are, in fact, going along quite well. :)

Alpaca in Denim Lady


DATE | 15 Jan 2011

» Happy New Year folks! I’m glad to announce that you can now find us on Facebook and Ravelry as well. So if you’re on these two sites, do come and join the group!


…plenty of laceweight skeining for the next update – silk, wool-silk and the regular merino/cashmere/silk variety as well as some 4 ply silk for future weaving projects – and some spinning for a swap.

Spinning for the shop will continue once I finish the other half of the Rambouillet roving that I’m currently working on. But just so you know, I might just choose to add something very similar to this (in terms of construction and all) to the shop…

Anyway, here’s some eyecandy to tempt you…and all 400 meters of it!

Golden Froggy I Golden Froggy I Golden Froggy I


Since the start of the store, I’ve shipping out packages via Swiss Post Economy which takes up to three weeks to arrive unless there is a hold-up at the customs which will result it in taking more time than usual. Of lately though, I’ve encountered a few instances where customers have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of their orders; something which I understand all too well as a buyer.

While Economy shipping is cheaper than Priority/Urgent (think courier and first class mail) mail, it takes longer and offers no guarantee that it would arrive, let alone insurance for me should it get lost along the way. Although the postal service here in Switzerland has been good so far, I don’t want to cause my customers too much worry and frankly, this affects me as well. I feel awful not being able to do anything about it.

As such, I’ve decided to switch to Priority to cut back on the waiting time. Also, this time, purchases amounting up to USD60 and more will have tracking/registration added to it for free. It comes with a cost though. Unlike Malaysian post where registration is a fraction of the postage, here in Switzerland, Priority Mail and tracking is at least double of the Economy charge. It’s unfortunate that it’s costly but at least it gives me piece of mind and some form of security! Hence this is why I’ll absorb some amount from the total shipping cost before passing on the rest to customers…

Still, I hope this doesn’t backfire on me in terms of sales… :|


Many thanks for all those lovely suggestions – some were super fun to read!!!!

Anyway, I’ve closed the comments and soon (after tonight, that is), we’ll know who the winner of the giveaway is!!!

Patience, k?

UPDATE The winner is Lorraine with “Serenity”. It was a close call and some of you folks really had good names but somehow, Serenity drew my attention and well, gut instinct demanded that I go with that name! XD

An email has been sent, so, Lorraine, just let me know what you’d like – yarn or spinning fibres! The value is about the same for either and I’ll throw in additional goodies, as well. :)


My Ashford Traveller Single Drive... The lacquered wheel It's not very bulky

Recently, I purchased an Ashford Traveller as a mini-birthday present for myself – well, actually I ordered it last month and it just arrived a few days ago. I have yet to pick a name for it and so, that’s where you come in.

For this giveaway, all you have to do is suggest a name and tell me why you think it’d be great for a spinning wheel. Don’t forget to leave your preference for either yarn or spinning fibres as well as an email address (well, in order to leave a comment, you have to have an email address) but make sure it’s a working one and not the one where it’s filled with spam and all! It’s limited to one entry per person so make sure it’s a good name!!!

The winning entry will be decided by the HB and myself – but I have the veto power! The winner will receive either some of my handdyed lace or sock yarn OR handdyed luxury spinning fibres together with some Swiss treats!

This contest-giveaway will remain open until Tuesday, 11 November 2008 at midnight Swiss time (GMT +1). I’ll contact the winner by email as well as announce it here.

So start cracking your brains!!!!

ps: Comments are on moderation-mod so if it doesn’t show up right after you have commented and clicked on the send button, don’t fret…it’ll be up. :)


I’ve scheduled the next update for the week of November 15 and am hoping to stock the shelves with regular superwash sock yarn & some merino-bamboo with longer colour repeats together with more lace yarn of the pure silk and merino-cash-silk variety.

One of the reasons why there has been a delay of sorts in the shop’s update is that I’m awaiting the arrival of some fibres from the UK in the form of merino-tencel and merino-bamboo as well as a local shipment of alpaca, silk, mohair and camel. I’d really like to feature them as part of the next update which is why I haven’t gotten busy just yet. Instead, I’ve been practising on spinning up some yarn with the wheel which is turning out beautifully.

Do look out for the space here in a week’s time. I plan to hold a contest to pick out a name for my wheel and the winner will get some lovely handdyed yarn or roving (depending on which they prefer). I’m in the middle of deciding what I’d like to give out as consolation prizes but yeah, I’m looking forward to the contest!


Falkland in Falling Leaves

…yup, that’s right. I went from zero to close to 40 sold items, 2.5 kilos of wool to 8.5 kilos, from three different items to almost 15…

The shop is over two months old and I’m amazed at how much it has grown. The journey hasn’t been easy – the competition, the slow sales (due to a global slowdown), criticisms & ideas from all sorts of people about the prices/photos/profit (what profit?), and sometimes just slow braindead days where I can’t seem to come up with any new colours or combos – but I’m glad I never gave up.

Oh, trust me, I am guilty of wanting to throw the towel in for some products and I have been guilty of bemoaning the lack in sales sometimes…

But I’m glad I made the decision to open up a store, doing something I really love and it has been rather evident. Recently, the Hubby and my silent-partner mentioned that prior to knowing me, he thought wool was just wool and yarn was well, just yarn. Now, when I blab out my plans to bring in wools like Shetland, Gotland, Leicester, Falkland, Merino, and so forth together with sock & laceweight yarns, his eyes just glaze over and well, you know that he’s lost. I talk more about the shop and all the plans that I have for it more than what I do in French class or with my knitting projects. He knows I love my craft dearly…and I like to think that it’s evident in my shop.

Now, when I first started the store, I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. For starters, I wouldn’t be making any money because the amount I spent on setting it up – supplies, equipment, shipping, knowledge (yes, knowledge costs money), labour costs and so forth. To top things off, not only do I buy in Swiss Francs, I also buy in USD and British pound. So I had actually given myself about three months to break even and at least make a sale for every update (which is a bi-weekly affair and at least 6 to 8 products per update).

Today was a surprise for me because after doing my accounts, which I work on nearly every week, I discovered that I’m TWO CHF shy of breaking even!!!! Also since updating earlier last week, I’ve made about 9 sales! (Well, that has to do with the store going on sale but still…)

So yes, despite that awful weather, it’s truly an exciting time for me!!!!


I can’t believe I just ordered about 6 kilos worth of corriedale, merino, superwash merino, mohair, tussah silk, camel and alpaca from my local supplier…now, add that with another 1.5 kilos of merino-bamboo, merino-tencel and falkland!!!

Then there are the yarns as well…omigod, I’ll be swimming in wool! :D


Merino Bamboo in Mountain Blue The start of some Hubby Socks

With winter fast approaching, I thought I’d knit up some socks for the HB since he did mention that I never seem to knit up anything useful for him.

Anyway, I’ve decided to work on these with one of my own Merino-Bamboo handdyes named Mountain Blue. It’s a two-coloured yarn and so far, it’s showing up as self-striping but I’m anxious to see how the colour blends on as I progress further up the foot length as well as cabling.

I’m actually loving the colourway – the bamboo gives it a soft heathery look and it’s still very masculine – and I plan on replicating this colourway for regular superwash sock yarns.