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I love dyeing and initially I had thought it would still be okay for me to dye up some fibres and yarns for May but as it turns out, me hitting 30 weeks with a 102 cm big belly standing and working up the dyepot isn’t going as well as I had planned.

So to mark the shop‘s hiatus in preparation for Eva and her arrival, I’ve decided to place everything (except items already on sale) on sale! Items will be marked down at 15% until stocks last!!!

So while it’s sad that I have to stop dyeing until she comes, a sale is always good news!


I’ve been receiving a number of requests for cheaper shipping options and have decided to introduce an all new low price for all items at the shop. It is half the price of Priority shipping so those with tight purse strings can breath easier now.

There is a price with it though – delivery times will be slower (at least an extra three to five working days) but hey, at least now, my items will be much more affordable to those on a budget!


Sample gift wrapping

…and lovingly wrapped up, all pretty and ready to be sent to its new owner when I drop by the post office tomorrow. I hope she’ll love it as much as I did…


Handcrochet Double Strap Booties!

If you hadn’t noticed, the shop website has a new splash page, the headers have changed to incorporate a new addition to the shop’s inventory – some very deliciously cute and soft baby booties – and naturally, the info page updated to include some much-needed information on these booties and how to go about getting yourself a pair!

For a look (and to tempt yourself, if you dare), do check them out here.


I just popped in to let you know that…

You will soon seen the appearance of crochet baby booties! More info and prices to come very soon!



The double-edge factor about handdyed or handpainted yarns, especially variegated ones, is that while they can be OOAK (One Of A Kind Items) with unrepeatable colourways, they can also result in pooling, puddling or flashing. These are knitting terms which refers to how the colour sits in a pattern or project.

Pooling occurs when there is a large area of one colour next to a few other colours in the knitted object.

Puddling occurs when there are small spots or patches of colours in the knitted object.

Flashing refers to the zigzag lightning-like pattern of colours in the knitted object.

Some knitters don’t mind them while some hate them completely. I, for one, am neutral (variegated yarns have its own charm and all) but still, I try to keep in mind these things when I’m dyeing. At the moment, my colour lines are split into three techniques:

  • Space-dyed – a method where a few colour blocks are repeated throughout the skein. Usually, harmonious or complementary colours are used which will result in a variegated yarn with colour depth. Pooling will definitely occur in this instance and one way of making it less noticeable is to use a different stitch pattern or change your knitting gauge (needle size).
  • Random – a random and sometimes overdyed method where the skein is dyed a number of times with colours overlapping each other in random areas. This results in a very unpredictably coloured skein with light areas intermixed with dark ones. Pooling may or may not occur, and if it does, it is random.
  • Semi-solid – a method resulting in a nearly semi-solid skein with hues or light to dark gradients. Like the overdyed method, pooling may or may not occur, and if it does, it is random.

A sneak peek into the March 09 update

…I promise!

The mailman is holding my stock hostage so I’m afraid the only thing available right now is just a sneak peek into the next update. I just got in some sock yarn so that’ll be dyed up tomorrow. Hopefully the sock yarns will arrive within the next week for me to get cracking on them.

So mark your calenders! Next update will be on 25 March 2009!


Pure silk 4 ply lace in Peach Melba

Due to some changes in our family situation (no, I’m still pregnant but the hubby will be on leave for quite some time), I thought I’d start dyeing again since I already have some leftover undyed fibre from my last order. The ladies over at Ravelry didn’t help…well, actually it’s my fault for stalking their “showcase your handdyed goodies” thread.

So I bit the bullet and put in some orders for sock yarns. This time, I’m adding in some merino/cashmere/nylon and merino/seacell blends (these are limited to just a few skeins) together with superwash wool/nylon yarns. I also have some lace yarns together with fibres in the form of corriedale and superwash merino.

The inventory will go through some spring cleaning after the next update since I don’t want to spread myself out too much. I plan to have some “regular” additions with an occasional addition of something new with the regular items being superwash merino/nylon and superwash merino/bamboo sock yarns and fibres in the form of superwash merino, merino/bamboo, merino/tencel, and superwash merino/nylon.

In the meantime, do keep an eye out for fresh stock over at the shop after 15 March – with any luck, we’ll have some yummies to show! ^^


The European Street Team over on Etsy had its annual Secret Santa Swap – this year organised by Mitsy aka Artmind.

I am a bit tad late on the “posting up your gift” part due to the holidays and the bouts of fatigue coupled with morning sickness…but my gift is awesomely lovely and from the very equally talented Diana of Butterfly Designs. She packed it up in a very nice Christmas-y cloth bag topped off with a cute business card that doubles as a post-it. I should have taken pics of the whole package and stuff but I was just too distracted by the actual gift itself!


She makes exquisite jewellery pieces all by hand and each piece is very lovingly put together! I don’t really have the opportunity to wear this piece…not yet – I have a wedding coming up in March so I might just pair it off with a dress then.

My secret santa gift from Butterfly Design

My thanks to you, Diana and really, for those of you checking this out, don’t forget to check out her online shop here!


Well, my official reason is because it’s the holidays and New Year.

My unofficial reason is because I’m pregnant…specifically 7 weeks on and counting. It’s still early days but I don’t want to take any chances since dyeing does have an impact to a degree on me and I get awfully tired these days just preparing stuff for mailing and all. To top things off, I have a part-time teaching job which takes up two days in a week. Besides, fatigue and afternoon 2-hour cat naps are my current pregnancy symptoms and it’s bothersome having that AND juggling the store & part-time work.

So really, the dyeing will most probably come to a complete standstill…or in very minute amounts like one or two braids (although I can’t say for sure). The shop will still be open since I hope to offer some handspun yarn and handmade items on sale.

But yeah, it’s nothing bad really. :)