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I have decided to stop dyeing permanently and without a doubt. Thus I am selling the last of my store items over at the Etsy store here.

I am not too sure if the brand will continue on as I have moved onto other crafts. I’ll leave this page and the one on Facebook as well as Ravelry on for posterity sake. I do hope to get back to dyeing in the near future. But in the meantime, my duties as a mother calls first.

It has been a great journey dyeing up so many lovely items and thank you for accompanying me every step of the way.


Our Christmas sale is on at the etsy store here!


Everything is at 15% off now – yarns, handspun, rovings all included. Just use the coupon code at the checkout and savings will be automatically calculated!

Coupon code: SSCARVESSALE15

First five buyers will get a little sweet treat as a gift! Happy shopping!



I am in quite a celebratory mood since Eva is going to turn a year old in a few days so have decided to come out with our first weekend shipping special!

It’s very simple. You pay nothing for shipping if you’re from Malaysia/Singapore or just a dollar to everywhere else. While stocks last! The regular shipping discounts that are tied to a minimum purchase – see below – do not apply during our weekend shipping special. So there is no purchase limit. Isn’t that just fab?



New items at the store!

Since I decided to dye up my store stash, I thought I’d open up the store and sell the results of that dyeing “experiment”. Hence, the Etsy store is now fully stocked with some yummy goodies. Do have a look-see here if you’re a spinner OR if you just like to look at yummy colours!

New items at the store!


I’m quite sad to announce that I’m taking a break from the store to focus on Eva as I’m planning to head back to work. Things have gotten a little tough since we moved to Singapore, so the extra income is very much needed.

I might continue this on a part-time basis especially my other side of the business – dyeing and spinning up yarn/wool; we’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, my thanks to all your support these past few months – it has been great! I’ll definitely be back again!!!


Little Sandal Booties

The past few weeks have been busy for me with the Chinese New Year preparations as well as rushing to complete several orders. I’ve also been scouting around for new crochet bootie designs and am planning to feature some felt booties as well – something which I need time and material to work on! The felt shoes would be great for destashing as I have some yummy wools to get rid of. :)

The start of the Chinese New Year has been good. Cousins of mine who run – a Malaysian online store that specializes in breastfeeding items (clothes, pumps, accessories) as well as baby items – had been trying to get a hold of me to talk shop, but I’m always hardly ever around. One of them finally caught hold of me and we got to iron out a few details. Lets just say that I’ll be VERY busy churning out booties over the next few weeks, which means that I may not have time to take in any new orders save the ones I already have received before Chinese New Year.

So yes, on that front, I’ll be ultra busy. I also brought in new colours for the Double Strap Booties – must make a note to take some pics of the new colours – in conjunction with bring in a new design – the very yummy and super cute Little Sandals! At the moment, these come in blue, green and pink combos but I’m planning to add in more colour combos and give them yummylicious names as well! So don’t forget to watch this space, ya?

In the meantime, here’s wishing all a roaring Chinese New Year (it’s the Year of the Tiger)!!!


I’ve had a number of people ask about how to make payment via credit card when they don’t have a PayPal account or they don’t want to sign up for one. While I understand that PayPal allows people the option of paying using their cards without having to sign up, I contacted them to be doubly sure and they have reassured me that it is correct. Nevertheless, I have encountered situations whereby people are taken to a different page whereby they have to register for an account in order to use their credit card. Now, I’ve contacted PayPal and PrestaShop regarding this and am waiting for their answer.

In the meantime, here are the screenshots of what you should see (it’s weird because I get the option to pay without signing up for an account while a customer got the whole “sign up for an account” page and we were going through the checkout process TOGETHER – I was walking her through it. BAH!).

For credit card users, just look out for the words “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)” and the link next to it on the left side of the page (see below in the highlighted area):

PayPal payment page 1

Clicking on the “Continue” option will take you to the following page. Ignore the fields on the right which asks for you to log into your PayPal account. Just fill in the necessary credit card details and after you have checked everything, click on “Review Order and Continue”.

PayPal payment page 2

In this page, you get to see your order, credit card number, amount to be billed as well as shipping address. If all is good, click on “Pay Now”. Once that is done, payment has been made and all without ever signing up for a PayPal account!

PayPal payment page 3

Now lets hope PayPal gets back to me soon on the matter…otherwise I just might have to call up the Singapore “branch” and query them on the issue. Bah bah.


A new look!

…we have a new look and a storefront over here! YAY!

While the shop over at Etsy is still running and stocked with some products, the storefront features more baby items. In time, we’ll be slowly moving everything to the storefront though to consolidate the inventory.

In the meantime, do enjoy looking and maybe some shopping? :)


I would love to unveil it now but all I will say is that soon, we’ll have a storefront on this site to call our own!!!

If I have been quiet on the blogfront, it’s because I’ve been busy tinkering around with shopping cart softwares and customizations for the new storefront! It’s churning out pretty well and looks to be up in time for the unveiling of the Tiny Tots range!

I hope all will go smoothly in terms of the payment and everything. I suspect there might be some hiccups but still…am definitely keeping my fingers crossed!



The shop is up and running again with a number of changes.

There is a new section added in for Tiny Tots which will feature some handmade burp clothes and bibs – to come soon, of course! Then there are those all new low prices for shipping!

There isn’t much at the moment but do watch out the space for more fibres and yarns as I work on dyeing some yummy goodies again.

Don’t you just love funky changes?